Al Steiginga

Born and raised in Union, New Jersey, Al moved to Florida at the age of eighteen to attend Florida Institute of Technology where he graduated in 1989 with a degree in Biological Science. Many of Al’s personal and professional relationships were forged during his years at F.I.T. Upon graduating, Al decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in teaching. For nine years, he dedicated himself to teaching biology, chemistry and environmental science at local Brevard County high schools.

His competitive nature was fulfilled by coaching many successful teams in wrestling and cross country. As those who know Al can imagine, he was not your ordinary teacher or coach. His students loved the energy and fun he brought to the classroom and many students and athletes dubbed him as their favorite. Although Al loved being a teacher, he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a career in the restaurant business.

In 1997, Al co-founded Long Doggers Grill and Brew in Indialantic with one of his fraternity brothers from F.I.T, John Burr. A Brevard County icon, Long Doggers now has six locations that are fully committed to the community, schools, and non-profit organizations. However, none are as near and dear to Al’s heart as the original restaurant in Indialantic. Over the past 21 years managing that location, Al has served countless families and Brevard County locals.

In his spare time, Al enjoys fishing, surfing, golf, triathlons and of course, dancing! He credits his drive and tireless energy to his mother. He is honored and proud to represent the Long Doggers family in raising funds for such an incredible community based event.





Instructor Heidi Arnold

Heidi has been teaching dance for the past 16 years and is the proud owner of Dancin’ Dance. She first started dancing at the age of 3 when her parents enrolled her in lessons and she has been dancing ever since. Heidi loves being able to pass on her passion and knowledge of dancing to others. She was a star on her school’s award winning dance team. She began instructing Ballroom dance at the age of 16. She has trained extensively across the country including West Palm Beach, Orlando, and New York.

When she started teaching at a local studio, Heidi quickly became the lead advanced instructor. Heidi is one half of the 2012 Dancing with Brevard Grand Champion team. Heidi and her partners have won the last 4 years of the Dancing with the Space Coast competition.