Jayashree Kumar

Philanthropy comes naturally to Jayashree Kumar.  Born into a family driven to extend helping hands and uplift the needy, the charming wife of Dr. Sadesh Kumar has carried that torch on the Space Coast with generosity and grace.  Founding Smiles for Generations, she plays a starring role conveying healthy smiles, often to those in dire need with scant financial resources.

Jayashree is gifted with business savvy and a strong curiosity to learn.  Her skill has been the prime asset behind developing the Wickham Dental Center, one of Melbourne’s most progressive, futuristic and compassionate dental health establishments.  Her expertise in strategic planning and marketing is the cornerstone behind the brand new state of the art clinical facility, laden with the premium technological advances emerging in the dental profession.

Despite her ongoing pursuit of leadership skills and professional achievement, Jayashree Kumar reserves the time to be a model mother. She takes pride in inspiring her children not just to excel in their studies but to become youth that reflect the ancestral integrity and philanthropy that is embedded within her family. Among her community endeavors, she inspired her daughter, Nikhita, at the age of six, to donate her cash birthday gifts to the Brevard School Board Foundation, to which Jayashree added a community match challenge that ultimately raised four thousand dollars.

Jayashree Kumar will embrace Dancing with the Stars with the same charisma that she injects into every area of her life.  She prizes the community she lives in and understands that this is an opportunity to grow, learn, laugh and make an impact. Competition for a great cause defines her daily movement; there is no question that it will also define her dance.  With her initial gift of five thousand dollars, she invites the community to support her efforts to garner treasure for some the community’s greatest needs.





Instructor – Primo Garcia

Primo began dancing when he was 3-years old.  At age 10, he was already choreographing his own routines.  Although he was initially fascinated with hip hop, his interest expanded into encompass a wide variety of dances.  He began pursuing interests in Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary dance styles. By the time he was 24, he began a career in Ballroom dancing.  Primo has worked to master International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm at both social and competition levels of dancing.

Primo has recently returned to Florida after spending a year with the Dance With Me Dance Studio, working with some of the top dancers in the country. During that time, Primo performed on Broadway in Sway and on Good Morning America.