Rene “Coach P” Plasencia

Rene “Coach P” Plasencia was born and raised in Orlando, the son of a Cuban born father and Puerto Rican mother. Growing up he was always reminded by his father the gift of living in a free and democratic country. His mother taught him the value of perseverance, never allowing him to quit anything he started. His parents taught him the virtues of integrity, hard work, and dedication.

For the last 14 years, he has dedicated himself to teaching and coaching at Colonial High School. As a coach for the track and cross country programs, he created a culture of winning and success where there once was none.

“Coach P” understands how to be a real leader, how to inspire, and how to make tough decisions. Being an Orlando native, Rene is passionate about his community, its people, and the issues affecting them. That’s why he decided to run for office. Our community needs a leader who cares and understands the sacrifices we make everyday.


Instructor – Hannah Pickard

Hannah has been a ballroom teacher and professional competitor since 2012; at the beginning of 2014, Hannah made the move to Orlando to focus on her career in dance. With her new home at Dance It Studio, Hannah also teaches at workshops & schools around Orlando. She holds DVIDA certifications in both Smooth & Rhythm and is a member of the National Dance Council of America. She also holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electronic Media Communication with a concentration in Television Production.

Before entering into the ballroom dance world, Hannah danced primarily ballet, tap, and jazz. Modern dance has also been a huge influence in Hannah’s dance career with her minor in dance from Middle Tennessee State University. Another one of Hannah’s passions has been dance photography and video, and she has been able to collaborate with Dance Theatre of Tennessee, Core Project Chicago, Shelter Repertory Theater, and Heritage Dance Project for many amazing mergers of the arts.

Hannah has danced professionally in Smooth and Cabaret categories. She has had the pleasure of working with many world-class coaches; Michael Chapman, David Elkin, Tommy DiTommasso, Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian, Nick Kosovich, Gary Pierce, Wendy Johnson, Eugene Katsevman, Felipe Telona, and many others have greatly influenced Hannah’s movement and teaching style.

“I look forward to continuing my dance career. I hope to challenge myself and take pieces
of everyone I coach with, collaborate with, and train with. I am a teacher, but I learn the best life lessons from my students.So many blessings have come to me through being a part of this, a large family I feel connected with in the name of art.”