Susan is a Dancer and Choreographer who is a University of Colorado Boulder graduate in Theater, Dance, and Music. Susan is passionate about Dance, Fitness and Heath. She became certified in Zumba and Zumba Gold as well as Group Fitness Training where she teaches and coaches at her own studio Fitness On Fifth.
Most of her time is spent raising money and awareness as well as building up support for our Autism Community in Brevard County. Susan is the mother of two young boys and after her oldest son, now 10, was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Susan launched Spring Forward For Autism as way to raise money for community outreach programs and vocational trainings as well as providing Family Support Grants to fund diagnosis, Behavioral/ Occupational/ Speech/ Mental Health Therapies along with tutoring and educational support for those not able to afford the costs of imperative early intervention and life changing support. “We support families by connecting members of our Brevard County Autistic community, empowering and inspiring others, raising public awareness to foster advocacy, and furthering access to available resources.
If you would like to learn more about Susan, her journey as a mother and advocate for her son, or learn more about Spring Forward for Autism, her blog and information are available on their website: