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Ashley Buesher


Resident, Promise in Brevard

Ashley Buescher has been a resident of Melbourne, Florida, for most of her life.  She moved to Promise, a community for individuals with special needs, in May 2018.

Ashley loves to stay busy and active and participates regularly in many of the Resident Community Program activities at Promise. She participates in Special Olympics bowling and basketball, exercise classes, art and cooking classes, the Health First Mayor’s Fitness Challenge, and more.

Ashley currently volunteers in the Promise kitchen/dining room at Promise twice a week.  She also volunteers setting up luncheons and other private events at Promise. She is always eager to help.  She also enjoys writing thank you notes for donors and helping with bulk mailings.

Prior to living at Promise, Ashley participated in an On-Campus Transition program at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville where she lived for three years.

Ashley has enjoyed Zumba classes for many years.  As a birthday surprise from her Zumba friends and instructors, they took her to Miami to meet “Beto,” the creator of Zumba!

Ashley enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially babysitting her two small nephews!

Ashley is honored to have been selected to represent Promise in Brevard in Dancing for the Space Coast!