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Quinisha Bredwood


Meet EmilyAnne, an extraordinary individual with a passion for life, adventure, and giving back to others. Born and raised in Arkansas, Emily Anne grew up embracing a spirit of determination and resilience.

From a young age, Emily Anne discovered a love for gymnastics and cheerleading, she competed throughout college, and currently though judging cheerleading. However, amidst her athletic pursuits, Emily Anne faced a significant challenge. She was diagnosed with a 90-degree curve in her back, a condition that required the insertion of metal rods to prevent further progression. Doctors warned that without intervention, respiratory complications could arise by the age of 18, and her life expectancy would be limited to 30.


However, Emily Anne defied the odds and persevered. She pursued higher education at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, where she became a dedicated middle school teacher, instilling a love for reading and fostering critical thinking skills in her students.  In the midst of her teaching journey, Emily Anne found love and married Josh. Together, they embarked on a series of adventures, moving overseas in Australia, and traveling all over Asia, immersing themselves in different cultures and broadening their horizons.  Eventually, they felt the desire to settle down in the Space Coast area and make a difference in this community. They took a leap of faith and opened Glass Doctor of Brevard, embracing the service industry and providing top-notch assistance. The company motto is a customer service company that happens to sell glass and that is what they want every customer to feel.
The discovery of the Basket Brigade allowed them to utilize their vans for deliveries and create a team-building day while helping others. Over the years, their involvement grew, and they became even more passionate about ensuring that every family in Brevard County has a memorable Thanksgiving experience. In 2020, faced with a shortage of food and funds just weeks before the brigade, EmilyAnne was determined to make a difference. Since then, she has been dedicated to working behind the scenes to ensure that families are fed, businesses join forces to support the community, and Thanksgiving becomes a truly special time for everyone involved. Join them in spreading love, gratitude, and hope through the Basket Brigade. 
While juggling her professional responsibilities, Emily Anne also found joy in nurturing her family. She taught school until the arrival of her beloved son, Rynn. As a dedicated parent, Emily Anne cherishes every moment spent with Rynn, creating cherished memories and fostering a loving environment.  Outside of her commitments, Emily Anne finds solace in quiet time with God, running, finding comfort in the company of her beloved dogs, Chaco and Curly Sue. She also cherishes quality time with family and friends, making the most of each opportunity to create lasting connections. She is always ready to make memories.