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Quinisha Bredwood

2024 Dancer – GRACE HAN

Grace Han was born and raised in China. She moved to America in 1995 in search of the American dream. That dream started in 2000 when she started her career in the restaurant and hospitality industry as well as becoming an entrepreneur. During this time, she opened her first restaurant called “Lucky Garden” with her husband Jimmy. Currently, she is the owner of two restaurants called Red Ginger, one on Wickham Road and one in the Melbourne Square mall. Recently she launched a new addition, an upscale modern Asian restaurant at the Red Ginger Wickham Road location called YanZi Kitchen. The addition of this new restaurant concept allows Grace Han to further expand her culinary offerings and cater to diners seeking a more premium Asian dining experience.

She is also the loving mom to her teenage son named Kevin. She is involved in many community activities and is a great supporter.