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Tim Thomas


Everything about this dynamic duo is grounded in purpose. A modern day love story that has not only changed their lives, but has inspired others to seek and pursue purpose while embracing gratitude, humbleness, and leading by example.


It was this same purpose that inspired them while attending an Aging Matters Gala in October, 2023. They had been planning for their wedding, which was just a little over two months away at this point, and finding the right caterer was at the top of the list. The dining experience at the gala was incredible. The food was presented beautifully and absolutely scrumptious. Upon inquiring, they were told that Meals on Wheels had catered the event. Christine was already keenly aware of the Meals on Wheels mission and how they positively impact the elderly and at that moment, it was evident that they had to have Meals on Wheels cater their wedding. Thus, culinary excellence and an opportunity to help feed God‘s people was in perfect alignment with their purpose.


Christine is recognized as a matriarch of senior living advisors for the State of Florida since 2004 when she followed her calling after losing her grandmother to seven counts of abuse in a memory care facility. Soon afterwards, something in Christine’s spirit ignited. Although she had no clue how, she was going to be Sally’s voice and the voice of the only minority we all become – the elderly. Hence, “A Granddaughter’s Promise” was born. As she has stated numerous times, “The elderly are the only minority we all become” and she believes that every person deserves to live with dignity and respect, and we should protect this vulnerable population from opportunistic conditions.



Christine‘s selfless nature drives her to put families first to always go above and beyond to help in anyway possible with no expectations. It is these high standards and her mentoring that enabled several other professionals in Brevard to start their own placement advisor companies. She was recognized as A Woman of Excellence in 2015, she was an original board member on the Children’s Hunger Project, the Florida Bar Grievance Committee, Children’s Home Society, a nominee for mentorship at the weVENTURE Women Who Rock 2023, and is a current board member of the Brevard Hispanic Center. Her greatest joy is her family of two daughters and one son, her granddaughter, Presley June, and her husband, Richard.


Dr. Richard Leo Hunt fell for his beautiful bride on social media while promoting his book, Get A G.R.I.P.: Gratitude, Responsibility, Improvement, and Positivity. GRIP exemplifies the habits that he wants to create and maintain. Think of it this way: Gratitude creates a state of mind that prepares us to take Responsibility; we are more balanced, grounded, receptive, and open. Taking Responsibility for what is in our control opens the door to Improvement. The continuous effort for Improvement and succeeding leads to Positivity. This cycles back to giving more for which to be grateful. He strives daily to practice these characteristics and further ingrain them into his character and personality.


Richard has three degrees from Western Kentucky University: BS in Chemistry, MS in Engineering Technology Management, and EdD in Organizational Leadership. Richard is a veteran of the US Army and served on active duty from 1989 – 1995. He is an author, has owned a business, taught at the collegiate level, and has held a quality management role in various industries. Richard is also an actor with several credits to his name.