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Your donation on this page will support the dancer of your choice.  Please indicate the dancer you are supported by using the drop-down menu.  That ensures each dancer receives the proper amount of credit towards their total.

You may donate any amount, including the purchase of a table in the row of your choice.  Those prices may be found on the “Table Sponsors” page.

Tim Thomas


Resident, Promise in Brevard

Other than the four years he spent sailing around the world with his parents on their catamaran, Sea Quest, Zachary Biddulph, 31, was born and raised in Brevard County. He loves residing at Promise, a community for individuals with special needs. Roommates, friends and a sense of independence allow for an active life for Zach. He prefers outdoor activities, such as biking, basketball, swimming and walks around the Promise campus, as well as Special Olympics Bowling. He is a motivated competitor for the annual Health First Mayor’s Fitness Challenge and was on the winning team for the internal challenge at Promise last year. Zach’s other activities at Promise include art, cooking and nutrition classes, as well as off-campus activities such as attending live theater, trips to the Zoo, the mall, the beach and local restaurants.

Zachary loves to volunteer at Promise, helping with kitchen and dining duties, luncheons, special events and writing personalized thank you notes to donors of Promise.

After graduating from Satellite High School in 2010, Zachary participated in Project SEARCH, which prepares young people with disabilities for success in competitive integrated employment. This was where his skills in the field of Hospitality began to blossom. Zach’s smile and helpfulness paved the way for his current job at Imperial Salon & Spa, where he has worked for the past nine years.

Zachary is honored and excited to have been selected to represent Promise in Dancing for the Space Coast. He’s looking forward to showing his moves on the dance floor.